Visio License Agreement

This benefit is only available on (1) registration for the application platform (EAP) for an enterprise agreement and/or (2) server and cloud registration (SCE) for an enterprise agreement and/or (3) with the purchase of licenses for Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) via EA, EAP, Select Plus or Select. Property, unauthorized, to be from it, except that its software may contain non-substantial third-party software that is incorporated into their software or that works in support of their software. The use of self-reviewed applications remains subject to the licensing conditions of these products. The customer cannot transfer the licenses he has acquired as part of his volume licensing agreement, unless this is allowed in this contract. This donation licenses the installation of the software on a single device. A summary of volume licence fees for product rights can be found in a summary of licence fees for certain licence details. Customers can use the latest version of the Office Multi Language Pack with copies of the Office System software for which they are authorized. If the customer`s volume licensing agreement provides for an indeterminate fee for the use of the Software as part of its qualifying licenses, it has a permanent right to use the Office Multi Language Pack with that software. Notwithstanding the contrary conditions of the customer`s volume licensing agreement, including product conditions, the customer may run licensed copies of self-recognized applications that interact directly or indirectly with their software in order to create a single solution („Unified Solution”) and to authorize the use of third parties, subject to the conditions below. When installing this product, you must download the software from the Volume Licensing Service Center and enter a license key. You can download any version or language available for your product. While all qualified customers receive an unlimited number of 24×7 PRS incidents, the number of support contacts eligible for unlimited 24×7 PRS management varies depending on the size of SA`s expenses.

All eligible customers are entitled to a minimum of four authorized contacts plus an additional $125,000 in additional spending per expenditure to SA under their SCE or VL program, under which they have acquired licenses for PDW. In the case of foreign currency agreements, eligible customers are entitled to a minimum of four authorized contacts, plus an additional contact for each incremental amount of SA expenses corresponding to USD 125,000 of the average annual foreign exchange expenditure. See chart below: Number of days per legitimate record or arrangement. With the license key, you can install the product on as many computers for which you have obtained licenses.