Fiduciary Deposit Account Agreement

The use of a facsimile signature (by stamp or other mechanical means) serves exclusively your comfort and usefulness. You authorize us to pay to your account for items that purport to bear a facsimile signature, regardless of who affixed the fax signature to the item or the circumstances of the use of the facsimile signature, even if it was made by an unauthorized person or with a false facsimile. We may also accept fax signatures as mentions of items to be paid for by you that are cashed or deposited into your account. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of a fax signature device. CONTACT US IN CASE OF LOST OR STOLEN CARD / UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFER. If you believe that your card or PIN has been lost or stolen, or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission, including a transfer made with your cheque information, immediately call the toll-free number listed in the „Banking Contacts” section at the end of this document. If you cannot contact us by phone, e-mail or in writing, via the contact details mentioned in the „Banking Contacts” section. Remember that if you respect the confidentiality of your PIN, it will reduce the possibility of using your card in an unauthorized way. Do NOT write your PIN code on your card. Some or all of the cheques we receive from you may be replacement cheques. This notice describes the rights you have when you receive replacement cheques from us.